Regent Zaki visited a number of UMKM

Tangerang regent A. Zaki Iskandar paid a visit to a number of small and medium- sized enterprises (UMKM) across the regency on Wednesday.

"Today we visit a number of handycraft makers such as leather bag maker in Jengjing, Cisoke district, garment producer at Sudirman Indah housing complex, then we visited the real shoe manufacturing here in order that they can see where UMKM is supposed to be position," said Zaki.
According to Zaki, the administration play regular role in guiding UMKN ih phases and it's time to help local products with their own local brands and lables to open wider market where they are longer confined by various obstacles.

"So, the administration keeps on trying how the local products can grow and develop," he said.

Meanwhile, Adiya Cipta Gemilang, a leather bag producer thanked the admininstration for having continuously giving supports and helped guide UMKM busineses' growth through the regental Cooperatives and UMKM Agency so that he and other leather bag producers can grow with promising future.

The regent visited the UMKM along with a team of Anabatic Technologies, an outgoing information technology provider, to see the potentials starting from garment, leather bag and shoe manufacturing. The company will assite to market potential products through the internet, inluding the promotion of local food products.

Established in 2002, the company currently has four core busineses in the country comprising Mission Critical System Integration, IT Services Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing dan Value Added Distribution. 

Yulianto, a representative of the company said that Anabatic Technologies is the administration's partner that will train UMKMbusiness actors to market their prroducts to at least 250 countries through the internet.

"We will teach them from opening a laptop to the marketing. Each UMKM just needs one or two senior high school graduates who can operate the laptop and understand the internet. We will trian them and UMKM busines owners will have high passion and high spirit," he promised.

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