Regent Zaki opened Syariah Fair 2016

Tangerang Regent A. Zaki Iskandar opened a four-day Syariah Financial Fair of the year, organized by the Financial Service Authority (OJK) from August 4 to 7 at Summarecon Mal Serpong' Atrium Circle, Kelapa Dua district, Tangerang regency on Thursday. 

Zaki said his administration does appreciate and fully back up the the Syariah Financial Fair managing program, the third ever held in the regency because Tangerang has great economic potentials inseparable from megapolitan concept. That's why the regency can be home to middle class community to invest their money.  

Zaki hoped that Syariah Finance can be solution to improve interests,curiousity amid the society in the regency.

"Syariah Fair is very good for the society's knowledge and information about syariah finance. The products of syariah also cover securities, Stock Exchange, this way the society can be familiarized with and be persuaded to switch to syariah way from conventional ones," Zaki said.  

Meanwhile, Edy Setiady, commissioner deputy at vOJK said OJK contnuously supports the development of syariah finance that robustly grows in the past five years in all banking sectors.

"The roles of syariah finance in all economic sectors also increase through APBN funding, privately manages projects, UMKM. Syariah can have been a means of finance planning, investment, procetction against finance risks for the society," he said.

OJK plans to organize similar syariah financial fair in six cities in the country this year. Some 36 syariah finance industries take part during the four-day fair at Summarecon Mall Serpong, Tangerang regency, a very prospective region to develop the syariah finance system. 

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