TNI helpsclean Tangerang rivers

As a form of anticipative move against possible floodings during the unpredictable rainy season, Indonesian Military (TNI) Reciment Command (Korem) 052 intiated a community service (kerja bakti) to clean Cimanceuri reiver in Tigaraksa district and Cirarab river in Rajeg district.

"The rainy seaon is very unpredictable and if it pours down intensively, the situation turns to be a big threat for the life and shallowing rivers from up to down stream will worsen the condition Korem 052 commander Col. Inf. Iwan Setiawan said on the sideline of the community service launching in Pulo Cegar kampong, Rajeg on Wednesday, July 28.  
He said by cleaning the rivers from mud sedimentation and stuck garbage, the water can smoothly flow. Over flow that inundated residential areas occured because of mud sedimentation and garbage piles.

"We hope that, at least, this community service will help residents living along river banks from being flooded," he said, hoping that local resident living alongriver banks can clean rivers from garbage and mud sedimentation. Let's not blame each other but let's do someting to overcome flood problems," he added.

Meanwhhile, Rajeg District Chief Sandi Mirasa said water flowing on Cirarab river often over flows during the rainy season, espceially in Pulo Cegar and other areas. 

"We are very grateful to TNI for helping normalize the river and the resident will really benefit from this activity," he said.

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